What is an infinity decanter and why do I care?

An infinity decanter (also known as an infinity bottle) is a decanter filled with portions of the various whiskeys. It creates a 100% unique whiskey that is ever-changing. You only care if you are a whiskey nerd like me.

How did it all get started?

Good question and I am not sure I have the answer, but the article “How the Infinity Bottle Became a Whiskey Nerd Obsession” suggests it might have entered prominence in 2012 thanks to YouTuber Ralfy Mitchell. His video could be what shined the light back on the practice, but my opinion is people have been doing this for ages. They just did not have a name for pouring the little remaining into a larger bottle; the purpose was not to waste whiskey.

Regardless it is a fun and exciting project to undertake. Before starting an infinity decanter, you need to decide what you want it to be and there is no right or wrong way to do it. For me, I have two decanters in the works. One dedicated to only Texas Whiskey, the second is for everything else.

Have some fun.

What makes the infinity decanter fun is that anyone can do it and none of them will be the same. Your own will change over time and probably not be the same at any given point. As a whiskey nerd, it causes me to think about what I am buying at the store like I am a professional blender looking for a specific finished product and I remind myself that for my decanter I just want to let it go where it wants to go. Except consistently buying the same product over and over because variety is the spice of life.

I promise you it makes a great conversation piece and something that is sure to set you the envy of your whiskey loving friends. Hell, you might even convert a nonwhiskey drinker.

I will share more on my infinity decanter journey soon…

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